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Turn's BitTorrent library, ttorrent, is an open-source, pure-Java implementation of the BitTorrent protocol, providing an easy-to-embed implementation with a BitTorrent tracker and a downloading/seeding client. Both the tracker and the clients provide hooks for easy integration in a larger application, allowing for tracker control, or download progression updates, for example.

Ttorrent has been showing very exciting results in terms of global distribution speed and minimal overhead for the initial seeder. Since it's first release, ttorrent has received several contributions from members of the open-source community and has been deployed at Etsy as a mean for distributing their Solr indexes (see Turbocharging Solr Index Replication with BitTorrent).



This library is released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0, a GPLv3-compatible free software license.


  • Maxime Petazzoni <>
    Software Engineer at SignalFuse, Inc.


  • David Giffin <>
  • Thomas Zink <>
  • Johan Parent <>
  • Many others!